About The Design Haus

Located in historic Kimmswick, Missouri, The Design Haus is a quaint little boutique that offers a large collection of one-of-a-kind home décor items, handmade jewelry, repurposed furniture, handmade soaps and candles, floral arrangements, and more. Many of these one-of-a-kind items feature local artists, local vendors, and local designers. The Design Haus is proud to support the local community by offering these local handmade goods.

About Historic Kimmswick, Missouri

Kimmswick, Missouri is a charming little town located on the Mississippi River. Incorporated in 1859, the town has a rich history and is often the site of weekend getaways. With several boutiques, fantastic restaurants, and numerous weekend festivals, there is always something to do in Kimmswick.

History of The Design Haus

The Design Haus shop is located in the historic Rauschenbach Building (circa 1884), which housed the General Store and Livery. During the late 1800s, The Rauschenbachs lived upstairs from the general store. Be sure to look for the door frames upstairs to see the beautiful cast iron door hinges. An old coal barn—complete with two-hole outhouse—was also on the property in the 1880s. The old coal scale foundation can still be seen in front of the barn! Drop by The Design Haus when you’re in town for any of our weekend festivals and events! You can see the upcoming events here.